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Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks to Make You an iOS Pro

by Adeela Hadait 02 Jul 2022
Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks to Make You an iOS Pro

Apple iPhones were released in 2007 with an unnamed operating system. A year later, it was given the unappealing moniker “iPhone OS 1.” By 2010, marketing had gotten their act together and coined the term “iOS,” just in time for the release of version 4.

Apple iOS has so many features that no review or story can cover them. However, we have compiled our favorite iOS and iPhone tips, tricks, and secrets. Things that will make your day—and your life—more productive and set you on the path to becoming an iPhone expert.

In this blog post, you will learn Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks to Make You an iOS Pro. so, please take a moment and read this informative blog.

An Overview

You paid a lot for your iPhone, so why not make the most of it? Fortunately, there’s a lot to be gotten out of your Apple device and the ever-expanding iOS, with a seemingly endless list of tips, hacks, and hidden iPhone features that help you get your money’s worth while also making your life a little easier. Moreover, if you don’t have an updated iPhone model like iPhone 11, iPhone 12, or iPhone 13 then there are many options for an iPhone for sale in Dubai.

Tips And Tricks For iOS Pro

Here is a list of our favorite little-known iPhone features that we enjoy and use on a daily basis. Also, be sure to read our guide on how to accelerate your iPhone.

  • You Can Customize Your iOS Control Center.

One iPhone hack that constantly makes my life easier is the ability to customize Control Center. You can access your favorite and most used widgets in Control Center with a simple swipe down, even when your iPhone is locked. This is extremely useful when you require a feature right away.

Music Recognition is the most useful to me — no more fumbling through home screen folders, desperately trying to find the Shazam app before the song ends.

Go to Settings, then Control Center, to customize Control Center apps. Scroll to the More Controls section and add any controls that will come in handy at any time.

  • When wearing a mask, enable Face ID.

Face ID simplifies your life, but it has previously been impossible to use with a mask. That has changed with iOS 15.4. A new toggle in the Face ID & Passcode section of Settings allows you to specify whether you want to use the feature while wearing a mask.

When you first turn on the switch to use Face ID with a mask on, you’ll have to rescan your face. The good news is that you appear to be able to toggle the feature on and off without having to rescan your face every time. every user of iPhone in Dubai like this feature that makes unlocking easy.

  • Using Siri, share whatever is on your screen.

iOS 15 introduces advanced sharing capabilities via Siri. Rather than sharing by pressing the share button, you can use Siri to share whatever is on your screen with a contact. It’s not a game-changer, but it’s useful when you need to share something quickly and/or don’t have your hands free.

If Siri is unable to share your screen, such as with the Weather app, it will take a screenshot and send it instead. Simply say “Hey Siri, share this with…” whoever you want to see it to share your screen.

  • Back Tap can be used to access additional iPhone controls.

With Back Tap activated, you can assign a variety of functions to a double or triple-finger tap on the back of your phone, similar to trackpad gestures. When using iPhone 13 Pro Max at odd angles and can’t reach the lock screen icons or the Control Center pull down, use Double Tap for Torch and Triple Tap for Camera.

  • Spotlight allows you to search at any time and from any location.

Spotlight search is a tool used on every Apple product you have ever owned. Sure, it’s not the most important feature of the iPhone, and it’s certainly not the reason to buy Apple products, but it does save a lot of time when you need to get somewhere quickly. To access Spotlight while the screen is locked, swipe down from anywhere except the top right corner.

  • Activate the interactive iOS weather map.

While all iPhone 13 models are IP68-certified waterproof, getting caught in the rain is never fun. Fortunately, the iOS Weather app has you covered with an easy-to-read interactive weather map so you can easily see the weather for the day ahead and never be caught off guard again. To begin, open the Weather app and click the map icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

  • Convert the camera on your iPhone into a document scanner.

Last but not least, scanning a document to convert physical pages into a digital file required the use of a dedicated scanner or all-in-one printer. And, indeed, this is still true for perfect carbon copies. But what if you only need to convert a line from your textbook into a quote in your notes app?

Evidently, iOS has a clever solution, and your iPhone’s camera can also be used to convert physical text to digital text. To begin, open the app into which you want to scan text — this could be Notes, Messages, or any other app that allows you to enter text.

Tap and hold for a few seconds in the text-entry area before releasing your finger. You should now see a scanner icon and the words “Scan Text.”


So basically, there are too many tips and tricks that can make you an ios pro and make your life with iPhone easier. If you dont have such workable devices in your daily life use, then you can easily buy iPhone online in Dubai through AM Tradez.

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