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AM Tradez is the fastest growing online marketplace in the United Arab Emirates. It is a one-stop ecommerce place for branded electronics goods ranging from smartphones, laptops, streaming devices, digital cameras, headphones, and related accessories. At AM Tradez, we understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and achieving your fitness goals. We offer branded smart watches, activity trackers, and a variety of other sports gear and accessories. Our sports inventory covers you from head to toe. Apart from electronics and sports, we cater to your home improvement needs as well. Our electrical inventory includes a wide range of security cameras, doorbells, smart locks, household thermostats, tool kits, and lighting products.

Top Brands

Across all our product categories, we maintain a well curated inventory of world-famous brands. Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, Adidas, Fitbit, Bosch, Google, Canon, GoPro, Sony, Bose, Philips, Shark, Anker and Ecobee are few among them.

Hassle-Free Shopping

At AM Tradez, we prioritize our customers' happiness and promise a hassle-free buying experience. If a product doesn't live up to your expectations, we've got you covered thanks to our comprehensive refund and return procedures. Your purchases are processed quickly and get to you on time thanks to our effective dispatch and delivery procedures.

Our History and Experience

Our marketplace did not spring up out of thin air but rather evolved organically over the course of more than a decade, selling consumer electronics and other things of daily use to individuals via our offices in the United Arab Emirates, the United States of America, and Pakistan. That is why the people behind AM Tradez are fully confident in their ability to meet the specific demands of customers in the United Arab Emirates thanks to our extensive expertise in choosing quality products and delivering them to customers with great care. Shop with AM Tradez!